Central Park New York

Tour New York And Central Park On A Bike New York has been a golden icon in the sectors of finance, culture, transportation and manufacturing industries. New York is, without question, all about business. But New York, aside from being a business metro, also has a set of beautiful recreation spots where you can relieve stress. A historical landmark since 1963, central park new york has been an urban park right in the heart of New York City. Covering 843 acres of land, Central Park offers lakes, ice-skating rinks, the Central Park Zoo, and a safe wildlife haven, the Central Park Conservatory Garden. Located at the center of the busiest streets in New York, it's not surprising why many people flock to Central Park to get away from the fast NYC life. It does not only present a taste of nature inside the urban jungle but caters as well to entertainment and recreation. It is also a hub for the many tourist services such as bike rental in New York. One of the best ways to enjoy your day in the park is to go on one of those Central Park bike tours. In fact, biking tours are well-liked by most visitors. It will help you get around Central Park with their well-trained tour guides. Central Park bike tours are typically scheduled at 10 am, 1 pm and 4 pm. However, there are other options for touring Central Park. You can always rent a bike and tour Central Park on your own or with family and friends. The choice is yours. One of the many notable advantages about going with a group bike tour is being escorted by a tour guide. There are a lot of celebs residing near this popular urban park. Tour guides will point out their homes to you. It's a good addition to the fantastic sights in the park. Sometimes you will even see a celebrity in the park if you're lucky. The possibility of bumping into a celebrity while on a bike tour in Central Park is higher than you might think Another nice thing about having Central Park Bike Tours is that you'll be able to enjoy the tracks that are specially designed to highlight the recreation features of the park. The park has forty-six miles of trail that will enable you to see the timeless attractions of Central Park. Attractions range from the magnificent sculptures, breathtaking bridges, serene lakes and the boathouse. You also want to make sure you bring a camera with you for all the scenic photo spots! Central park new york bike tours allow you to exercise while enjoying the atmosphere of Central Park. There is no better way to enjoy Central Park than having a sweet stroll like bike ride with your family. It's an experience you don't want to miss and most likely would want to do again.


Union Station washington DC

UNION STATION IN WASHINGTON,DC The Union station Washington, DC is one of the major train station in United State. The station was started in 1907 and is mainly used as a hub for transportation, travelling destinations. Union station (Washington, D.C) is the second-busiest and it is the headquarter of Amtrak. Annually the station handles over five million travelers. It usually serves several travelling agencies like MARC, and the buses that operates around Washington. During the world war II, it was the most congested station as over 200,000 passengers passed through this station. Later in 1988 another wing was built and the station was renovated where a shopping mall was put in place. Today, the union station serves as a shopping destination as well as a transportation hub. Union station is the best for long layovers since a lot of services are readily available for the customers. It is the best place to be where sometimes one hope that the train delay for a little while so that you have some more little time for you to wander around. The beautiful architecture guides your eyes upwards, while the aroma of the food court tugs your tummy downstairs for some fast food. In the spirals of staircases, there are some shops for jewelries, clothing and other personal services are offered. The Union station has several connections like ( WMATA metro and many others). It has 18 platforms. Also the station has many railway terminals and their destinations are well indicated. The station is located at the Southern of the Northeast Corridor making it to have a high level of passenger services which includes the electrified rail line. The station is owned by Union Station Redevelopment Corporation which is a non-profit company. It is currently under renovation in which the station will be enlarged for it to handle many more passengers and other facilities shall be put on place.